Boost Your Cow Comfort with Steel Dairy Barns

Boost Your Cow Comfort with Steel Dairy Barns

Whether you own a farm, run a dairy business, or a cattle husbandry business, you definitely own a few cows. They always require a safe and comfortable environment for better and quality dairy products. It's interesting to know that a happy and satisfied cow produces high-quality and more milk compared to other cows.

This brings in the demand for a secure and robust dairy barn for your cows. Prefab steel dairy barns are the ideal investment that you should make for long-term profit and the utmost comfortability of your cows.

FACT: According to research, the dairy industry generates an economic impact of $628 billion.

For all the milk products you use in your day-to-day life, you should be thankful to the farmers who put their level best to maintain the ever-growing demand for dairy products and take care of cows well.

FACT: The average American consumes 812.9 pounds of dairy products every year!

However, you have never thought about what it takes to get an adequate amount of milk from cows. A happy cow is always efficient to outrank other cows on the farm in terms of milk quantity and quality. A contented cow produces more milk than others which is even found in a study by Carnation Milk Company. There are numerous reasons why their milk production increases, and the reasons are listed below:

Excited Hormones: Research found that when certain chemicals were given to cows, their serotonin hormones increased. Interestingly, this results in increased milk calcium levels. Those who don't know serotonin hormones are also called 'happiness hormones.

Friendliness with Cows: Another study conducted in 2013 found that cows living in friendly environments are highly efficient in delivering good quality milk. The friendliness with cows further helps in improved growth rate, milk calcium level, and fertility.

Proper Lighting & Ventilation: Cows living in a well-organized barn structure are more efficient in producing high calcium milk than other cows. Cows exposed to natural lighting and proper ventilation produce more milk.

Soothing Music: Seems weird but running slow music in a dairy barn can help you increase milk production. A British study found an increase in milk production by 3% after playing slow music in the barn.

Order a Prefab Steel Dairy Barn and Boost Cow Comfort

You need a tailor-made steel dairy barn for your cows where they can live a comfortable life and benefit your business with increased milk production. Today, numerous farmers have already considered these practices for business growth and utmost catering to their cows.

A pre-engineered dairy barn gives you ample space without obstruction. Hence, you can use the space to house your cows. Steel building customization options and accessories give you the capability to enhance the functionality of your dairy barn.

Why Do Farmers Consider Metal Dairy Barns Best?

This is a prime query every second farmer asks before investing in a steel dairy structure. Multiple reasons contribute to the increasing demand for dairy metal barns.

Quick Installation: Steel barns require onsite assembly as they are pre-built at the manufacturing unit. This saves the installation time, and hence the entire installation process is quick.

Cost-Effective: The total cost of buying a steel building and upkeep cost is less than timber barns. This makes steel dairy buildings a cost-effective investment.

Less upkeep Required: Unlike wood barn buildings, steel doesn't require frequent maintenance or repairs. Instead, you can continue using a steel barn for dairy purposes without investing a hefty sum on upkeep.

Clean Span Area: You need a vast area for stable, haystack storage, breeding, equipment storage, etc. Prefab steel dairy building gives you 100% column-free space that you can customize the way you want.

No Rusting or Rot Problem: Steel used in dairy barn buildings is 100% galvanized. Hence, they are fully resistant to rusting. Further, steel doesn't rot either, making the barn building fully secure for cows.

Low Insurance Rates: You will be amazed to know that the insurance cost of steel buildings is lower than other barn alternatives.

Longer Lifespan: The standard lifespan of a custom steel barn is 3-4 decades which can further extend with regular maintenance.

100% Eco-Friendly: Steel used in dairy barn structures can be 100% reused, saving the environment to a large extent. That's the reason why steel barns are also known as LEED buildings.

Order Your Maintenance Free Dairy Steel Barn with Carports Advisor

As mentioned above, prefab steel barns are ideal for every farmer who owns cattle or even horses. This cost-effective investment is the wisest decision you can make without compromising with the safe and most comfortable living arena for your beloved cattle.

A certified steel barn building can withstand harsh weather like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, snowfall, high rainfall, and even floods. So, your cattle will always stay secure in any weather scenario.

You can order your dairy barn building with any size or design you want. Carports Advisor is the right place to design a custom dairy metal barn and order it right away. We allow you to customize your building from scratch and order it at affordable prices.

So, customize your dream barn structure and visualize it before placing your order.

Call us now and let one of our metal building consultants help you to design the building of your dreams at an competitive price.

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