Carports Advisor has transparent Terms & conditions for its customers. We have tie-ups with different RTO lenders that help you own a metal garage building with easy repayment options and zero credit checks.

With no hidden fees, we ensure you get the best RTO Option for your next metal building project. Here are RTO Options that we provide to our customers.

RTO National

  • No credit check
  • No proof of income
  • No Drivers license required
  • Up to $20,000 loaned; WV up to $10,000
  • Borrower or Co-signer must own property


Metal Building Rent to Own is an option to buy a metal building when you have no adequate funds to purchase a metal carport, garage, or commercial building. The RTO Program by Carports Advisor enables you to initially pay a small deposit and book your steel structure right away.

Getting your dream steel building is more like a priceless investment that will help you get your metal structure with easy monthly payment. Remember, getting metal building financing isn’t easy for everyone. Hence you need a reliable yet easy payment option to get your building with small upfront and pay the rest via monthly installments. With Carports Advisor RTO Program, anyone can benefit from RTO metal buildings and fulfill their building needs.


Carports Advisor gives you broad metal building options with RTO. Our RTO Program is tailor-made to benefit all customers facing financial hacks and doesn’t qualify for metal building financing. Moreover, the Rent to own metal buildings suits you best if you do not plan to purchase the building presently.


Rent-to-Own Metal building by Carports Advisor is specially introduced to enable everyone to buy their dream steel structure without compromising with money. Further, RTO doesn’t come with mental problems. Instead, it is an excellent option for those who want o jumpstart their business and looking forward to purchasing a prefabricated metal building without worrying about credit score.


Metal building RTO provided by Carports Advisor has multiple benefits that let you own a dream building without worrying about a negative credit score. Buying via RTO benefits you with an easy repayment option. You can further payoff anytime and get complete ownership of your structure. If your financial status is on track and you can pay the full amount, you can close the RTO agreement and pay off the pending amount instantly.

We have a 100% transparent RTO policy that lets you acknowledge what you are paying and how much you are paying. Paying before the due date doesn’t put an additional penalty. That’s the reason metal building RTO is a perfect option for metal building buyers.


Multiple Choices to Buy RTO Building

With Carports Advisor, you don’t need to hover across different building dealers. Buying a custom metal building means you can shelter your livestock, park your vehicles or store the essentials with long-term safety from weather, thieves, and vandals. For whatsoever purpose you want, Carports Advisor has options for you.


Quick installation

Metal building RTO offered by Carports Advisor has a wide range of steel buildings that are manufactured to meet your end needs. Metal structures are manufactured in prefab metal components that only require to be bolted-together at the job site. Above all our buildings are offered at highly competitive prices.


Delivery in Shortest Lead Time

We believe in delivering top-notch service to our customers, and that’s the reason we have provided the expected delivery time to our customers. For speedy installation, you don’t need to wait for months. When buying, you are also provided with the estimated delivery time for every manufacturer you choose. In short, with Carports Advisor, you can stay assured of quick delivery & installation.


Instant Approval without Credit Score

If you have a negative Credit Score, you can’t qualify for metal building financing. Carports Advisor RTO program can provide you approval even with a bad credit score. Under our RTO program, we never ask for a valid credit score.



Remember, you are free to choose the customization at Carports Advisor. From tip to toe, you have 100% freedom to customize a building your way. Ultimately, Carports Advisor makes your buying process easy via RTO Program. From selecting your favorite building from the favorite manufacturer, you can start customizing the building and make it the perfect fit for your land. Post customization, you can simply checkout with small upfront and wait for building installation.