Metal Building with 12 Gauge –The Thicker The Better!

Metal Building with 12 Gauge –The Thicker The Better!

Today, pre-engineered metal buildings are used for diversified applications other than just residential purpose, which includes commercial, agricultural, and industrial usage. Metal buildings can withstand harsh weather conditions as these are made with superior quality of galvanized steel, sturdy anchors and additional braces that better support the structure.

Steel Gauge Framing Options

14 Gauge - The metal building made with 14 gauge steel is .0747 inch thick which measures 2.5” X 2.5” in diameter.  One can easily work on thin steel. But the metal building built out of 14-gauge steel is lightweight and can easily bend with heavy snow load and rainfall.

12 Gauge – The 12 gauge steel is .1046 inch thick which measures 2 ¼ “x 2 ¼ “in diameter. The metal buildings made with 12 gauge steel are stronger due to its higher tensile strength and has higher snow load ratings. 12 gauge is the most preferred choice for the industrial applications, but nowadays the homeowners are upgrading to 12 gauge over 14 gauge as it can withstand various environmental conditions like a cyclone, snowfall, strong winds, etc.

Galvanized steel is the perfect fit!

Galvanized steel is coated with zinc oxide to prevent steel from rusting. Galvanization is essential as it makes the steel strong and provides long-lasting protection.  Here are some benefits of galvanized steel.

  • Economical - Galvanized steel building seem expensive at the initial level, but it’s a great investment for the long run.  If compared to other types of treated steel, it costs less.
  • Maintenance-free- Steel does not require much maintenance as it has the protective coating which retains its appearance and saves your time & money.
  • Durable – The average life expectancy of galvanized steel is beyond 20-25 years and can withstand in an urban as well as the rural environment.
  • Full Protection – Every part or inch of the galvanized steel is protected, which includes sharp corners and recesses.
  • Fast Process – The process of galvanizing steel is fast and can be used immediately when delivered.

How to choose the best steel gauge for your metal building?

The metal buildings can be built with 12 or 14 gauge materials, but it depends on your metal building requirements. There is a wide range of steel buildings available which includes carports, garages, agricultural barns, RV covers, workshops, clear span structures, and much more. You can select any of them and even customize as per your requirements.

12-gauge framing is a better choice if you are living in the area with extreme weather conditions, i.e., higher wind or snow accumulations.

Why should buy your 12 Gauge metal building from Carports Advisor?

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