13 Essential Inquiries to Make Before Investing in a Metal Carport

13 Essential Inquiries to Make Before Investing in a Metal Carport

Are you looking to buy a steel carport? Do you know that almost two-thirds of American owns a garage or a carport? According to International Residential Code (IRC), the legal definition of a carport is – "It is a permanent structure that is open from at least two sides. It would be considered a garage if not opened from two or more sides."

Being said that, pick up a pen and a piece of paper & let's begin with what factors you should consider before getting a carport.

Here Are 13 Vital Metal Carport Buying Tips:


Do you want to install your metal carport adjoin to your house or detached from it? Exactly where would you like your carport to be sitting on your property?

The space you allocate for your carport should have enough room to carry out the installation process. It should be easily accessible to construction workers.

If the crew has to carry raw material from a distance, they might charge you extra.


Remember to evaluate land & soil as well.

Remove debris, boulders, trees, or plantation from the site.

Ensure that you have leveled the ground for installation.

Check with local municipalities to know if any utility lines are running down the ground. You would not like it to damage accidentally.


If you do not need any permit, check your locality's climate pattern.

Ensure that your metal carport design can withstand wind, rain, or snow load.

Ensure that the anchor is firmly grounded for structural integrity.


Having an overall budget is crucial when planning to buy a steel carport. It will help you understand quotes given by various metal suppliers in a better way.

Ensure you include additional expenses, such as carport floor, extra side panels, skylights, etc.

A clear idea of what you want will reduce future trouble when buying a steel carport.


Are you looking for your carport to look discreet? Or do you want to buy an aesthetically pleasing steel carport? Whatever the reason is, consider talking about the style you would like to have.

Be aware of the fact that the more customization you do, the more money you will end up spending.

At Carports Advisor, we offer various customizable options like color, roof style, gutter, trim, metal panel sizes, and heights. You can talk to our friendly customer support for more info.


Do you need a foundation, or dirt/ gravel is good enough? You can get help from your metal supplier & check in with local contractors to know if your land requires a solid foundation.

Usually, there are three types of foundations to choose from. These are –

  • Dirt & gravel
  • Asphalt (generally allowed at ground level for carport)
  • Concrete (strongest of all the options)

The foundation cost varies with its type – concrete is the most expensive but most durable.

Types of foundations will depend on the area you live. So, a concrete foundation is necessary for heavy rain, hails, tsunamis, hurricanes, or tornado-prone regions.


You can choose from three types of roof – regular, horizontal & vertical.

Again, what type of metal roof is best for you will depend on your locality & weather conditions.

For rough climate conditions, a vertical roof is the best choice.

You can customize your roof by adding insulators, skylights, or ceiling lights too.


It consists of utilities like electricity and water supply.

It is best to decide what utilities you want before laying the foundation.

Whether you want electric lines for lightning or water lines for car wash, check in with your local codes & guidelines.

Local Code & Permits

These laws vary with the location and state. If you order your metal carport from another state, ensure they meet your local guidelines.

Local codes are a set of instructions that you need to follow when designing your metal structure. If you don't comply, you may get a significant penalty or have your carport removed from your premises.

It would be best to secure a permit before beginning construction work. A permit is a form (online / offline) that you need to fill out & submit to the local authority along with a blueprint of your metal carport.

Since a carport is the simplest metal structure, some locality does not require you to apply for a permit.

No. & Types of Vehicles 

How many vehicles do you want to park in your carport? Are you planning to buy a new car soon? Consider all these questions before deciding on your carport size.

If you buy a new car, ensure your carport can shelter both. Near future changes to your metal carport building will add expense. So, plan & save money.

Do you want to buy a steel carport for a medium size car or an RV? This question is crucial in deciding the height of your carport. After all, you would not want your expensive vehicle to bump into the roof.


Do you want to buy a steel carport to store cars or for multi-functional uses? Should it be enclosed from two sides or one side only? A gable-style carport might fit the bill.

You can use the carport for various applications – evening parties, play areas, afternoon barbecues, DIY open workshops, etc.


Your carport can get minor damages due to harsh weather. You can check if your home insurance policy covers your carport too. Ask them whether insurance will cover cosmetic damages.


Some metal builders offer warranty over their steel to assure customers they buy the best & high-quality steel. Check if your metal supplier provides a warranty, on which parts, and for how long.

So Give It a Go:

Did you find the metal carport buying tips helpful for you? We hope so, but even if you are left with doubts, don't worry. You can call Carports Advisor to get more details about steel carport. Remember to mention your zip code & state to get an accurate quote.

So, ready to buy your very own metal carport? Call Carports Advisor [(336)-914-1654] to get the best deal today.

Call us now and let one of our metal building consultants help you to design the building of your dreams at an competitive price.

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