Metal RV Covers: The Ultimate Investment for Long-lasting Protection and Peace of Mind

Metal RV Covers: The Ultimate Investment for Long-lasting Protection and Peace of Mind

Love your RV, don’t you? Of course, who doesn’t like going out once in a while into the heart of nature, on a long road trip or to the beach side or maybe to the mountains? An RV is your best friend when traversing cities, farms, and states. So, wouldn’t you like to protect it too?

11.2 million Americans own an RV [source: website]. A recent survey shows 37% of Americans plan an RV trip in 2023. Are you lucky one of them? Good for you. A brand-new RV can cost you anywhere between $14,000 to $750,000. So, it becomes crucial to safeguard it as well.

What Will Happen If You Leave Your Rv In An Open Space?

  • The paint may scratch.
  • Hail may dent the RV’s external body.
  • The sun can cause the seats and fabric inside to fade.
  • It might accumulate dust and dirt.
  • You may have to spend more money on its upkeep. 

What is a Metal RV Cover?

It is a steel carport. It contains six or more posts depending on the length of your vehicle. The top is covered with a roof which can be vertical, horizontal, or regular metal panels.

You can customize your RV cover to have side panels as well. However, note that at least two sides should be open to be called - a carport. Otherwise, it would be a garage.

It sits on a dirt/gravel, asphalt, or concrete foundation. We recommend a concrete foundation for a permanent carport.

What Are Metal RV Cover Benefits?

It protects your RV from the weather.

Wind: While it looks harmless, a strong wind can carry a lot of debris with it. This debris can collide with your RV & damage its exterior structure.

Snow: Snow buildup on your RV top is not great news, as it may cause leaks & structural damage to the vehicle. Also, snow deposits can be heavy and hard to remove from the top. You may run a risk of scratching your RV's paint.

Hail: These are small rocks of ice that can cause a dent in your RV. It may break the windscreen or side windows.

Rain: Heavy rain with thunderstorms can damage your RV too. Even though a carport can't protect your RV fully from rain, it can surely protect it from thunderstorms & lightning.

Sun: RV's paint gets oxidized due to constant exposure to UV rays. It can even develop cracks.

It requires little maintenance.

Unlike wood or vinyl, a metal RV cover will require little to no maintenance. You don't have to worry about insects & rat/ mice infestation in your steel carport.

It is cost-effective.

A carport is the simplest structure. A 20x30 feet roof-only metal RV carport can cost roughly $4,550. Do keep in mind that the price is subject to changes with the change in the cost of raw materials.

But even with the rough estimate, you can see that a metal carport costs way less than a wooden garage. Not to forget, a lot of after-maintenance charges too.

It protects from pests.

Metal does not attract pests. It does not get termite infestation. You can rest assured that your steel carport's structural integrity won't get compromised due to any insects or rodents.

It keeps dirt out.

No direct accumulation of dirt is sitting on your RV anymore! Get a metal RV cover today from Carports Advisor & enjoy a carefree trip with your family or solo.

Advantages Of Steel/Metal:

Steel or metal structures are generally –

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Long Lasting
  • Suffers Minimum Damage 
  • Resilient To Weather
  • Ward Off Pests

Can You Use A Metal Rv Cover For Other Purposes? If Yes, What Can They Be?

Yes, you can use your metal RV cover for the following purposes – 

  • A patio area for fun.
  • Outdoor space, which can double up as an open space workshop.
  • Storage for your garden tools when not in use.
  • Who doesn’t like outdoor dining and BBQ? A covered small kitchen with a grill is perfect for hot sizzling summer.
  • Evening parties & get together don’t always have to be indoors. A covered area outside your home sounds excellent for spending time with family & friends. 

Your Carport Can Be Upgraded

Wait for more! You can upgrade your carport into a fully functioning steel garage or a living quarter as well. Isn’t that great? It is value for money offer. So, choosing a metal structure has many RV cover benefits. 

So, Go For It!

No matter what your RV size is, Carports Advisor delivers. We have a wide range of customization options for our customers. From roofs to length, width, or height, we can make your dream metal RV cover for you.
Whether you live in a rainy or snowy area or have sunshine throughout the year, we have a custom-fit carport for you. Our friendly customer support is available 24x7 for you. To avail of services, call us today. Remember to share your zip code & location for a precise quote.

Call us now and let one of our metal building consultants help you to design the building of your dreams at an competitive price.

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