Commercial Metal Buildings - Perfect Investment for Oil and Gas Industry

Commercial Metal Buildings - Perfect Investment for Oil and Gas Industry

Metal structures are famous worldwide because they are commonly employed in construction and other related industries. The oil and gas sector is one of the most notable industries with a high demand for bespoke steel structures. You may construct a warehouse, mancave, she-shed, aviation hangar, garage, metal barns, and many more facilities with structural steel.

Prefabricated steel structures are ideal investments for the oil and gas sector because of their strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. The growth of technology has given steel construction many characteristics that make it a stable structure for saving and other uses. Steel structures are incredibly adaptable.

Reasons Why Prefab Commercial Buildings suites best for the oil and gas industry:

Availability of Big Structures: Oil and gas industry always demands big structures that can go up to 300’-wide. No other structure can serve such requirements except steel buildings. Yes! Steel building provides a clear span building that can be installed with no columns required.

You can order a custom steel building with width ranging from 10-wide to 300' wide. Further, a height of 8' to 40' is available to order. Above all, you can order any building length you want.

Protection from Extreme Climate: Weather isn't the same every day! Hence, it's always crucial to maintain high-end protection from harsh weather elements like tornadoes, hurricanes, heavy rainfall, and waterfall.

Commercial steel buildings for the oil and gas industry are available with certification that proves their strength and durability against adverse weather conditions.

Environmentally Friendly: Supporting nature is the need of the hour. Yet, most people/businessman doesn't follow the right path. Steel buildings are the best and most practical solution for the oil and gas industry, using 90% recycled steel for construction. It means you are supporting nature by eliminating landfill and deforestation problems. Furthermore, the longevity of steel building makes it a sustainable option for businesses.

Cost-Effective Investment: Investment in big buildings is a must in the oil and gas sector. Hence, steel buildings are highly recommended as they are cost-effective. Yes, steel structures cost you low on installation and maintenance. Ultimately it concludes to be an affordable investment that saves your pocket.

Sound Resistant: In oil and gas companies, big machines are always at work that creates sound, causing sound-related problems and trouble handling other communications with the workers. Well-insulated steel buildings have the potential to restrict the sound within the structure without disrupting the outer world.

Fire Resistance: With working with oil and gas, the threat of fire is common. Hence, you always need a structure that can restrict this mishap or lower its impact. Steel is resistant to fire, making it a perfect construction material for oil and gas industries.

Expandability: With a growing business, your plan to expand the existing structures is obvious. Metal buildings are compatible with expanding quickly without compromising their strength and durability.

Safe From Wood-Related Troubles: Wood ants, termites, and mold are some common issues that destroy wood buildings. It also decreases the lifespan of wood structures that compromise the security of your valuables. On the other hand, steel buildings are resistant to all troubles that can harm wood buildings.

Myriad Uses of Steel Buildings for Oil & Gas Industry

The uses of custom steel buildings are numerous. Below are some common benefits of prefabricated metal buildings:

  • Energy generation plants
  • Remote warehouses
  • Oil and gas processing facilities
  • Generator and pump housing
  • First-aid stations
  • On-site warehouses
  • Field operations structures
  • Crew quarters
  • Fuel distribution buildings
  • Wind turbine factory
  • Administrative offices
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Office headquarters
  • Fabrication buildings
  • Heavy equipment storage
  • Ethanol production facilities
  • Mining operation structures

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