Does Investment in a Certified Metal Carport Make Sense?

Does Investment in a Certified Metal Carport Make Sense?

Who of you won’t love to put your hard-earned money in the right place that can serve you for decades?

Most of you would agree that prefabricated metal buildings have today outranked traditional stick structures and their unmatched traits are the reason behind this switch. Metal carports are the standard and common building option ordered by homeowners across the USA. A custom steel carport can be used for various purposes, including

  • RV Cover
  • Boat Cover
  • Picnic Area
  • Pet or Livestock Shelter
  • Employee Break Area
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Party Events
  • Greenhouse Structure
  • Man Cave
  • Cabin or Secondary Building

It means the uses of a prefab carport are many. Yet, first-time carport buyers stay confused as most metal carport dealers across the USA provide two types of steel carports, i.e., Certified Metal Carports and Non-Certified Steel Carports.

What differentiates them?

Why do metal building experts highly suggest buying a certified steel carport over other options?

Let’s dive into the knowledge base and find out the answers to this query.

About Certified Steel Carports

Certified steel carports are made to withstand harsh weather hazards, including high wind speed, snow load, and other common disasters. There are certain states across the USA that witness heavy rainfall, snow load, hurricanes, etc., year-round. Such states require a sturdy carport structure that can stand still against the weather odds and keep your vehicles, lawn equipment, or other essentials fully protected.

About Non-Certified Steel Carports

As the name suggests, non-certified carports are the standard structures installed without any assurance towards hurricanes, heavy snow load, etc. These structures are more reliable for areas that witness normal weather conditions. 

A standard carport building can provide shelter to your valuables (Car, ATV, Motorhome, etc.) from exposure to sunlight. However, they are not an ideal option to invest in if you are looking for an all-weather steel carport.

Comparison Between Certified Metal Carports and Non-Certified Metal Carports

The best way to differentiate between a certified and non-certified steel building is to run a head-to-head comparison. 

 Certified BuildingNon-Certified Building
Steel Frame Thickness14-GA or 12- GA options 14-GA or 12- GA options
Confront High-Winds and Snow LoadYesYes
Wind Rating (Min)80 mph or greaterNA
Snow Load  (Min)30 lbs. per square footNA
Wind Rating (Max)150-180 mphNA
Snow Load (Max)90 lbs. per square footNA
Meets Local Building CodesYesNo
Designed to meet specific wind and snow load capacitiesYesNo
Extra AnchorsAvailableOptional
Meets Safety StandardsYesNot Required

This comparison gives you a glimpse of what makes certified steel carports the best and makes the perfect investment for your life.

Carports Advisor is a reliable metal building dealer that offers myriad steel carports at highly competitive prices. Before we share our offerings, below listed are the unmatched benefits of considering a metal carport over traditional carports.

High Durability: Durability is a major factor that outranks steel carports from stick carports. With one-time installation, you can rely on a prefab carport for decades without investing in heavy Maintenance.

100% Galvanized Steel Frame: Steel frames used in metal carports are 100% galvanized, making them corrosion and rust-resistant. These structures retain their charm for decades and require minimal repainting tasks.

Minimal Maintenance Required: Steel structures also require Maintenance like any other building. However, frequent Maintenance is tedious for most homeowners. A prefab carport is a wise investment that requires minimal Maintenance. Common metal carport issues include dents, paint peel-off, etc., that can be easily treated with minimal investment.

Swift Installation: The metal buildings you order are partially built at the manufacturing unit. It means the buildings are partially constructed at the manufacturing unit and assembled at your site. Metal carports are quick to install as they only require onsite assembly, requiring minimal labor and time.

A standard structure can be installed in weeks if made of wood. However, if made of steel, the same structure can be installed within a day. This gives you insight into how steel carports make a difference.

Eco-friendly Structure: Steel can be 90% reused for various steel-related projects. This allows you to continue using steel from old structures and minimize the use of raw steel. This will also minimize the steel production that involves energy and manpower investment.

That said, you have enough reasons to make the right choice with prefab carports and shortlist a certified metal carport for your customized needs. 

Carports Advisor can assist you in selecting the right and most feasible metal carport for your area. Remember, a certified steel carport will cost you higher than a standard carport. Yet, we assure you of highly competitive prices as we are committed to serving you the best.

We also offer RTO and Financing options if you are financially unable to pay in total upfront. So, without delay, call ☎️ (336)-914-1654 and share your customized needs today!

Call us now and let one of our metal building consultants help you to design the building of your dreams at an competitive price.

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