Common Metal Building Myths Debunked

Common Metal Building Myths Debunked

As an emerging solution, people do not know much about prefabricated buildings. Because of this reason, they believe in some myths that are popular about prefab steel structures. Considering all these myths, you are missing a lot if you want to invest in a long-term property asset.

You should learn more about steel structures to understand their benefits and leverage them. Getting more information about these buildings will help you move out of these myths and make a wise decision.

Misconceptions About Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Here we are unveiling some most common myths you should consider.

Metal buildings are Rust Prone

Most people have misconceptions about metal buildings that they rust easily. But it is just a myth, nothing more than that. All the prefabricated structures sold by Carports Advisor are made of 100% rust-proof galvanized steel; the chances of rusting are negligible. These buildings are not susceptible to damage from moisture.

Apart from the nature of the galvanized steel, steel structures are coated with a waterproofing coating to protect the steel panel surfaces from rusting. Both the paint and waterproofing coat prevents water from entering the facility. With all these multiple protection layers, you can avoid the risk of rust and damage to the maximum level.

Buildings are Seems Virtual

People have pictures of industrial metal structures in their minds, and they feel these facilities can not be made attractive and used for residential purposes. But everything is possible with prefab structures. With some creativity and the metallic qualities of steel, prefab metal buildings can be made so attractive and huge.

So in no case are these facilities virtual and flimsy. Compared to conventional facilities, prefab steel facilities are exceptionally strong, flexible, durable, and long-lasting. From small residential structures to sizeable commercial metal buildings, clear span metal buildings, and industrial metal buildings, you can see prefabricated installations everywhere.

Metal Facilities are Poor For Extreme Weather Conditions

Prefabricated metal structures do not appear as strong as they are. But do not get confused over here; in terms of durability and lifespan, conventional buildings can’t compete with steel facilities.

Prefab structures are not considered convenient for extreme cold and hot climate conditions, but it is nothing more than people’s perception.

Prefabricated facilities are known as all-weather facilities because of their capability to withstand all weather conditions.

For more effective isolation in terms of temperature, these facilities can be equipped with an insulation layer.

Resistive barriers also can be used to improve the effectiveness of the insulation layer, and it will help you achieve better control over the temperature inside the facility.

Steel Buildings are Prone to Lightning

We all know that metals are good conductors of electricity and heat, and people consider it a disadvantage of these facilities; but actually, it is not. Because of effective conductivity, prefab buildings are more capable of handling lightning strikes.

With proper arrangement and installation set-ups, prefab steel facilities can even standstill in lightning-prone areas. Metal facilities are at minimal risk if steel structures are compared to conventional ones in terms of damage from lightning strikes. You should not be concerned about purchasing metal buildings for locations with a high thunderstorm ratio.

Steel Structures cannot Be Customized

Building customization is one of the core features of prefab steel structures. There is no limitation for customization when selecting any prefabricated facility. No facility can make you feel comfortable until it is designed according to your requirement and functional needs.

You can customize the building design and structure as much as possible based on your requirements and needs. There is no limitation on customization. You can make these more functional and comfortable with more modifications and alterations.

With more customization possibilities, you get more chances to personalize the metal building. You can design the house of your dreams using a prefab steel building.

Prefab facilities are Complicated to Construct

People often refer to metal facilities as industrial buildings and perceive them as complex to install or plan. It is just a perception of those people.

All the components used in the metal facility are fabricated in metal workshops and then delivered to the final installation site.

Using prefabricated components makes the installation process of metal buildings more accessible than the other types of structures. It is a seamless and hassle-free process that takes only a few days to weeks to complete

Steel Structures are Expensive

The cost of a structure can be assessed based on two categories: initial cost and long-term cost. The initial cost comprises the price paid to the dealer or constructor for the facility. The other is long-term costs, including building maintenance and repair costs.

Initially, steel structures might feel costly, but they are not. In the long run, steel buildings are way more economical than conventional wooden buildings. There are some specific reasons behind this cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance cost is one of them.

For example, steel structure’s simple design and qualities allow you to perform cleaning and maintenance tasks seamlessly; it eliminates the additional labor cost.

Also, the use of prefabricated components reduces the repair cost of these structures. So, not only are the prefab buildings inexpensive, but they can also help you save thousands of bucks in maintenance and repair work. Compared to the traditional wooden structure, the steel structure would be an economical solution. 

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After breaking all the myths and misconceptions about metal buildings, it is the right time to purchase one. Carports Advisor is known for providing best-in-class metal buildings manufactured in America. You can call our experienced metal building experts at ☎️ (336)-914-1654 to learn more about steel facilities and seal the deal.

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