How Anchors Play A Vital Role While Installing Metal Buildings?

How Anchors Play A Vital Role While Installing Metal Buildings?

Metal buildings are strong, robust, and can withstand the worst weather conditions, but have you ever wondered what makes them sturdy and long-lasting?

It’s the anchors which are installed to the foundation of metal buildings that provide strength to your steel structures from adverse environmental conditions. 

If the metal building is not anchored to the ground correctly, it can’t tolerate harsh weather, and your stored items or valuable belongings will be at risk.  That’s why at Carports Advisor, we offer different types of anchors to help you establish a solid foundation which makes your steel building sustainable to severe weather conditions like a cyclone, heavy rain, high wind, and snowfall, etc.

With the help of anchors, metal structures are attached to the ground and built strength. So, the selection of the right anchors is as essential as your metal structure.

To install any metal building like metal carports, steel barns, metal garages or any steel structure; the foundation can be concrete, asphalt or bare ground. The buildings installed on the concrete or asphalt foundation are stronger and stable as compared to bare ground. The ground can face still water problem that causes unnecessary wear and tear issues to your metal structure.

Here Is The List Of Anchor Types With Their Uses:

The anchor placement depends upon the type of metal building you choose. A small steel structure will require a different anchor plan than a clear span metal building or commercial building. So, you should know about different types of anchors along with their placement.

Rebar Anchors – These are installed to the ground in areas with low winds and sturdy soil. It measures 1/2” x 32” which are used to provide strength and stability to your metal building. Talking about the installation process, firstly the base rail is drilled with holes. Then the rebar anchors are inserted in these holes and hammered into the ground.

Mobile Home Anchor – Mobile home anchors are also known as auger anchors. They are used to fix metal carports on a bare surface which keep structures secure from dirt and soil. The surface or soil should be leveled before the installation. At first, a pilot hole is created in the soil, and the anchor is placed within the hole, putting a metal rod on it. This way, the anchor better settle in the ground. The mobile home anchors are used in all certified ground installations as the mobile anchors are the only option if you want your buildings certified for wind ratings.

Concrete Wedge Anchors – As the name suggests, concrete wedge anchors are used when installing a carport or garage building on a concrete foundation. These are the expansion bolts which are installed by drilling holes in the base rail of the metal building followed by fastening the nuts. The size of the anchors entirely depends upon the thickness of the concrete slab. 

Asphalt Anchors – Asphalt anchors don’t leave a 6-inch hole in your asphalt foundation. Instead, it directly gets into the ground leaving a small opening that adds look to your installation. The expansion bolt of these anchors is not that much effective as concrete anchors because, in the tightening process, it may create cracks in the asphalt foundation. However, the asphalt anchors, when installed correctly, can withstand high wind speed and other weather problems.

So, this is all about the different types of anchors that are used in metal buildings. If you have further queries about the metal building and more specifically about the anchors, you can call our metal building advisor at 336-914-1654.

Carports Advisor know the importance of anchors and want the homeowners to acknowledge the same.  We are not just another Carport Dealer who compel you to buy any metal building. Instead, we believe in educating our customers with the knowledge for seamless metal building installation.

Call us now and let one of our metal building consultants help you to design the building of your dreams at an competitive price.

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