Limitations of Traditional Sheds That Steel Buildings Overcome

Limitations of Traditional Sheds That Steel Buildings Overcome

Buildings are an essential part of our lives. Most things we do include buildings, and we require structures for numerous purposes. The consistent demand is why the construction industry never stops and keeps innovating new ways to tackle the industry's challenges.

Earlier, most of the construction was wooden, which has various limitations. With time and technology advancement in the construction industry developed a new building option, i.e., pre-engineered steel buildings.

Steel structures are the modern housing solution and have suitable features to outperform the conventional structures and overcome the limitations.

Here are the limitations that traditional structures have and how steel structures optimize these.

Expensive Construction Project

Timber construction projects cost you a significant amount, then the steel structures. Wood is a natural resource, which is non-renewable and limited. The whole process of deforestation and processing the wood for construction contributes to the final project cost significantly.

If we consider the same size building, then a wood structure requires more lumber than the steel structures. As wood is not strong as steel, which increases the requirement of more material to make your shed robust. More material means more money.

Furthermore, you have to pay for the nails and screws to ensure your shed's proper erection. Timber shed mostly faces problems when it comes in contact with moisture; the nails start rusting or popping out due to the swollen wood.

Steel structure doesn't react with the moisture in such a way, and the galvanized steel doesn't rust. Steel is readily available and, most importantly, recyclable, which supports the idea of green construction. Pre-engineered steel structure prices are way more reasonable, and the installation cost is also low.

High Maintenance Requirement

Wood is prone to various factors and needs extensive maintenance to serve you well. When moisture and water touch wood, it causes rotting. Hence, if you live in coastal or humid areas, you'll need frequent damp proofing of your stick structure to prevent rotting or warping.

Moreover, the pain also peels off after some time, and you need repainting of your shed every five years.

Galvanized steel has anti-corrosive properties, and moisture or water can't affect your prefab steel garage. Moreover, the steel building's paint comes through a special process and is infused during the fabrication, which deters the fading or peel-off problem.

Hence, you don't need to spend on damp proofing and repainting with steel structures, and you'll get a shed that is easily maintainable. Steel structures are immune to aging and serve you quality services with normal maintenance.

Short Life

Wood is an organic material and has a shorter life span than steel. There are various factors that degrade the timber and devastate your structure. You need to spend a significant amount on your stick shed maintenance to keep it from harmful factors and make it survive.

Steel is an inorganic compound and can last for decades. Commercial-grade steel is used for your building manufacturing, which has the utmost strength and longevity. The damage-resistance of steel buildings make them serve you uniform housing for generations. Steel structures have excellent endurance and can easily withstand extreme weather conditions. So, if you want a long-lasting, reliable structure, then a steel shed is the option you should choose. 

Prone to Pests, Molds, and Termites

One can easily picture these problems in a conventional wooden shed and the efforts you'll need to remove these efficiently. Pests, mildew, and termites survive on the organic material, and wood is organic. Hence, your building not just habitat the infestation but also feed them to grow and populate in the structure. This way, you also risk your other organic stuff stored in the structure. You have to arrange frequent pest controls, mold removals, and termite treatments to save your structure.

The metal structure doesn't entertain any pests or microbial growth, as it is inorganic. Steel structures are not favorable for termites and pests. You don't have to spend on any pest control or chemical treatment, and your metal structure will take care of everything.

Poor Fire-Safety

Wood structures can't stand the fire due to the combustibility. The timber structure can easily catch fire and fuel it to spread rapidly. Lumber sheds aren't reliable when it comes to the fire-safety.

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), one-third of fire accidents were in and on a structure in the USA in 2019. You can imagine the necessity of fire safety from the last statement.

Steel is non-combustible, and your steel structure won't catch fire. Moreover, it will resist the spread and safeguard your assets. Steel structures are more secure from fire, and you can rely on these for fire-safety. Moreover, follow the fire-safety measures to avoid any unwelcome situation.

These are the top challenges that the construction industry was facing with the traditional wooden sheds. We have a better option now as steel buildings, and these structures overcome all the limitations of conventional sheds.

So, if you want a building, then it must be a metal building to get the best features and reliable housing.

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