Metal Barns Vs Traditional Pole Barns: Which is The Best Option for Farmers?

Metal Barns Vs Traditional Pole Barns: Which is The Best Option for Farmers?

It is a huge debate topic and a considerable dilemma for people who want to buy a barn or some other structure. Whether they buy the metal sheds or stick to the conventional pole barns.

The ultimate goal of every individual is to get the best shed that can meet his requirements. A barn structure with substantial features to serve you quality housing and help you fulfill your needs most effectively.

Comparison is the best way to find the best option for your barn needs. We will scale both the options on the basis of some integral features of the buildings to derive the most reliable shed option for you.


Protection is the reason for buying a shed. One decides to get a barn because he wants to shelter his livestock or store the agricultural equipment, seeds, grains, etc.

A barn should have the maximum strength to provide the best protection to your assets. If we consider the two options, then metal barns have better resilience.

Steel is way stronger than wood, which makes the steel buildings perfect for safeguarding your valuables. Steel possesses the utmost strength-to-weight ratio than the other available option, stimulating the robustness of steel barns. Hence, if you want maximum protection for your belongings, you must choose metal buildings or other steel structures.

Life Expectancy

It's necessary for a barn or shed to have a long life to house your assets for a significant time. Hence, structure's age is something you must consider before finalizing a shed.

Steel structures have a longer lifespan than wooden pole barns because wood is organic and degrades quickly. Whereas steel impervious to the elements that cause aging. Steel has anti-corrosive properties, which deter the problem of rusting most metals characterized to have.

The amazing durability of the galvanized steel fights all the adverse factors and makes your metal barn stand strong for decades. We use commercial-grade steel, which also makes your structure sustainable and reliable.


Cost-effectiveness is defined as when you invest in something, and it justifies its cost through the quality or value it is passing to you. Being the cheapest is not cost-efficiency, and you mustn't consider the lowest price only while buying your barn.

Make sure you get enough quality that is required for your needs. Wood pole barns are expensive and not as reliable as metal buildings. Timber barns are more likely to rot soon if not properly maintained. You need to invest a significant amount in the construction and then in the maintenance. Therefore, pole barns are inefficient.

Steel barns boast their cost-friendliness at almost every stage. Readily available and most recycled steel optimize the material cost. Moreover, the prefab metal structures' production process is highly advanced and causes no waste, which keeps the building prices reasonable.

The panelization of metal structure eases the installation with less labor, which reduces the erection cost. Furthermore, due to damage-resistance or durability, metal barns' maintenance requirement is also low, saving the maintenance or operation cost. You can clearly see which option saves your money and gives you a significant quality.


It is desirable that your shed support your functionalities and offer maximum convenience. Where poles or pole barns occupy your space and limit the functionality, steel structures offer you a clear span structure with no columns. The column-free structure gives you extra space for use. You can easily move things inside without any obstacles.

Steel structure employs effective design and framing, which doesn't require the columns and still provides you the maximum strength.

Hence, if you want to utilize your space best, then a prefab steel shed is the option you should go for. 

Maintenance Requirement

Wood is an organic material and prone to various things. Wood structures need frequent damp proofing; otherwise, they will start rotting and warping. Moreover, moisture on the wood stimulates the perfect habitat for mold and pests.

Moreover, the biggest enemy of the wood is termites. Hence, you need to do extensive maintenance for your timber pole barn to keep it safe from various harmful factors.

On the other hand, steel is inorganic and doesn't entertain any of the above factors, and bestow you a hygienic space without spending a penny. Moreover, the steel has immunity to harmful environmental elements, which reduces the damages and maintenance requirement.


Fire-safety is vital for a building, and you should consider it for your barn. It is known to all that wood is combustible and acts as fuel to flames. Hence, wood structures aren't reliable in the case of fire safety.

Steel barns are non-combustible and ensure you better protection from fire. So, choose the metal barns and follow other fire-safety measures for the best protection from fire accidents.

Here is the comparison of the wood pole barns and metal barns. You can see that steel barns are the modern shed solution and benefit you in almost every way.

Hence, buy you a metal building for your requirements to get the best value against your investment.

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