Metal Carports vs. Garages - Which is A Better Option to Choose?

Metal Carports vs. Garages - Which is A Better Option to Choose?

Looking for an extra space to park your vehicles?

Metal garages are undoubtedly a reliable and smart investment that lasts for decades and gives you the best security against weather damages. However, metal carports and garages are two great options that take you to the dilemma of confusion.

Both metal structures have their respective pros and cons, but which one of them is a better option to choose? Well, it entirely depends on different factors. So, let’s dive into the prominent factors that let you decide the best one among a steel carport and garage.

Covered vs. Open Shelter: A metal carport is a semi-covered structure that typically consists of a steel roof supported by steel frames. These open-style steel structures are low maintenance and helpful in protecting your vehicle in harsh weather conditions. It comes in various styles, and designs include attached, designed to connect to a home, garage, or other building, and freestanding, which are engineered to be assembled virtually anywhere at your property. The carport has a steel roof as the standard feature to protect your car, ATV, Motorhome, or other vehicles. You can however, cover the carport’s sides based on your requirement.

Contrary to this, metal garages are a fully enclosed metal structure that is installed with a roll-up garage door for your vehicles and a walk-in door. Above these standard components, you are free to customize a garage as per your needs.

Size of Carport & Garages: You can order a metal carport with a width of 12 feet. However, you can enlarge the width up to 40 feet when ordered with a vertical roof style. If you are looking to order a regular or a-frame metal carport, you can’t go above 30’ width. On the other hand, metal garages can be extended up to 60’ width, which is then renamed as commercial metal garages.

In both cases, you are highly recommended to order vertical roof structures as you increase building width. This way, you can stay assured of getting complete safety against harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, tornadoes, seismic waves, high winds, and heavy snowfall.

Price of Carport & Garages: The more material used in any building, the higher its price will be. Similarly, carport only has supporting columns and roof that concludes to a lower price investment. A standard steel carport starts from ~$1000. However, steel garages require more material, which ultimately costs you more than the carport.

In a custom metal garage, you can make customizations to meet your end needs, which isn’t possible completely in a carport. Further, the addition of roll-up garage doors, walk-in doors, windows, etc., adds to the final price of a garage. Hence the price of a garage is higher than a similar-sized carport.

Use of Carports & Garages: A carport is an open shelter that can’t be used for any other purpose except parking your vehicles. In case you want to use it for other purposes, you can transform it whatever way you want. Contrary to this, metal garages can be easily used for diverse purposes. A standard steel garage can be used as a workshop, home office, man cave, she-shed, car garage, etc. In short, the opportunity with a garage is endless, which is limited with a carport.

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Nevertheless, you can also compare two steel structures and tally their features to find the best-suited ones. So, these are some of the prominent yet common pointers that make a carport different from garages.

Metal carports and garages are both helpful in protecting your vehicles, but these also have their unique advantages. However, which one best suit you entirely depends upon your purpose of use. After analyzing your requirements, budget, and objectives – you can choose any one of them from us. If you are still in a dilemma of confusion and unable to decide the right option, connect with our metal building experts (336)-914-1654 today.

Call us now and let one of our metal building consultants help you to design the building of your dreams at an competitive price.

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