Understanding Factors Affecting Double Wide Carport Costs

Understanding Factors Affecting Double Wide Carport Costs

Approximately 40% of Americans own two cars, and some are even thinking about buying one. With so many cars on the road during the day, it's important to have a safe and secure place to park your vehicle while you're resting. One of the most convenient options for parking your car is to install a double wide metal carport.

What Is A Double Wide Carport?

It’s a carport designed to cover at least two vehicles efficiently. It can be either side-entry with two individual doors or end-to-end with only a limited exit. The minimum size of a side-entry metal carport is 20 x 18, and for an end-to-end carport, it is 10 x 36. For additional storage space, you will need a larger area. This can fit two cars and have room for bins, shelves, and containers.

Double Wide Metal Carport TypeMinimum SizeSize With StorageProsCons
Side entry20 x 1830 x 20Easy to maneuver both carsNeeds wider driveway
End to end10 x 3618 x 40One car driveway is good enoughHave to take out one car to access another

The height of a double wide metal carport varies from 9 ft. for smaller cars to 18 ft. for RVs. A metal building up to 40 ft. high can be constructed.

Have A Glance At Some Top Selling Double Wide Carport Prices

The price ranges between $2000 to $9000 in general. You can have them installed on your lot or customize it as per need with the help of our team. Some examples are as follows:

  1. Metal carport combo unit with 20 x 36 x 10 dimensions costs about $8700.
  2. Triple wide steel building of size 30 x 40 x 12 priced around $12800.
  3. Another utility carport with a one-door shed, 30 x 65 x 12 in size, costs about $13900.
  4. Vertical roof metal carport with closed gables of size 50 x 36 x 14 priced approximately at $22300.

You can have them in larger sizes and with more personalized features added. But it comes at a price. Let’s look at some pointers that contribute to the cost of installing a double car carport.

Seven Factors Influencing Double Wide Carport Prices

1. Size

The larger the carport structure, the more expensive it will be. Wider metal structures cost more than longer ones, as they need more metal braces for support. Increasing height will also contribute to the overall cost.

Speaking of size, the material's thickness also affects the carport's price. For instance, 12-gauge steel thickness will cost more than the industry standard 14-gauge but will provide more strength and sturdiness to the structure.

2. Complexity

A prefab metal carport costs less and requires less installation labor and time than complexly designed structures. There are specific items that will add to the cost. Whether you should get one or not depends on your specific needs. Some of the commonly added accessories are:

  1. Lighting - skylights, light fixtures, and security cameras.
  2. Insulation - an insulated roof will save the interior from heating up.
  3. Color - You can opt for light color or reflective paints on the roof to redirect excess sunlight.
  4. Gutter - This is an essential feature. It prevents water and melting snow from falling over your head by redirecting them to a collection tank via downspout.
  5. Solar Roof - A solar roof is an investment, but it will generate free electricity for you and pay for itself in the long run.

3. Location

Labor costs aren’t cheap, and metal structures need precise installation. So, unless you have experience in construction, you will have to hire a contractor. Ordering a steel carport from another state or faraway location may incur high shipping charges. Additionally, labor charges in rural or country areas are less compared to large cities. So, how can you cut costs?

Some metal building dealers offer shipping and installation, which are included in the total price. Talk to the Carports Advisor [(336)-914-1654] for such a quote. Settle for a deal where you don’t have to do any extra work apart from laying the base for the carport. This will create less panic and get most jobs done.

4. Local Codes

Some areas have stringent building codes due to harsh weather conditions. You must follow these rules, or you could be asked to pay a fine or remove the entire structure. Learn the setback rules of your area and design restrictions imposed by zoning laws or HOAs.

These rules can invariably affect the overall price of the double-wide metal carport.

5. Type Of Roof

Other roof styles include flat, gable, pitched, and slate. Each has a different price point and pros and cons, so choose accordingly.

Regular roofs are an affordable option for moderate climates. Vertical roofs are best for harsh weather conditions and are also easy to clean.

6. Foundation

These are the four most commonly used types of bases for double wide carports. They are listed in ascending order of price.

  • Dirt & gravel
  • Asphalt
  • Pier & beam
  • Concrete slab

You can ask for a soil inspection to inform you which type would be best for your steel carport.

7. Driveway

As we discussed above, there are two types of double wide carports. The one with a side entry is generally preferred because of convenience. However, it needs a wider driveway to maneuver both cars easily. For an end-to-end car shed, you will have limited entry, but only one car driveway is required.

Offers Await For You At Carports Advisor

Contact us today and get a free quote on your favorite metal carport. You can talk to our team at (336)-914-1654 to customize your double wide metal carport. We offer 10+ color options, additional side walls, and gable end features. Check our website for more metal buildings.

Call us now and let one of our metal building consultants help you to design the building of your dreams at an competitive price.

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