Roof Only Buildings Vs. Enclosed Metal Buildings: A Cost-Effective Showdown

Roof Only Buildings Vs. Enclosed Metal Buildings: A Cost-Effective Showdown

Prefab metal roof only structures are best for defense against nature’s elements, and that too at the lowest price. That’s because you save money on metal sidewalls and concrete piers. With steel, you get assurance of the durability and longevity of the structure. But before we dive into details, let’s start by understanding what roof only and enclosed metal buildings are and their possible uses that will knock your socks off.

What Is Roof Only Metal Building?

These are metal structures that stand on legs anchored to the ground. They have a roof that provides cover and shade. They are open from all sides and allow entry from any angle. In addition, they have a design free from internal support columns.


  • Roof-only metal buildings come at a low price.
  • It can cost as low as $5 per sq. ft.
  • A concrete pier costs less than pouring the entire concrete slab.
  • You get an option to choose a metal roofing style.
  • It can be built as high as 40 ft. tall.
  • It offers a clear span option of up to 300 ft. wide.
  • You can opt for a truss-free design.
  • They can be used as a multipurpose unit.
  • They are fit for the residential, agricultural, and industrial sectors.
  • You can install solar panels or shingles on its roof.


  • It is not covered, so it may not provide adequate protection from the weather.
  • You can’t keep temperature-sensitive items.
  • Storing expensive items may need extra security.

Applications Of Roof-Only Metal Building

  • Carport for parking
  • Sports cage
  • Farm machines storage
  • Hay storage
  • Commercial car park
  • Open workshop
  • Patio with shade
  • Lean-to

What Is Enclosed Metal Building?

Enclosed metal buildings are structures with one or more side walls. If there are at most two side walls, they will be categorized as a metal carport, and for structures with more than two side walls, they will be a steel garage or a barn.


  • You get the flexibility of covering it from one or more sides.
  • These are more secured metal building units.
  • You can remodel them into a barn, garage, or for another purpose.


  • Enclosed metal buildings need more metal than roof only metal structures.
  • It costs more than roof-only buildings.
  • It might take more time to assemble compared to roof-only metal structures.
  • You will need a proper concrete foundation, which will further increase the total price.
  • Buildings codes may apply in detail here.

Applications Of Enclosed Metal Building

  • Carport (with sidewalls)
  • Garage
  • Barns
  • Livestock shelter
  • Living space
  • Manufacturing unit
  • Office
  • Cold storage

Are You In A Hurry? Here’s A Quick Glimpse Of Roof Only Buildings Vs. Enclosed Metal Buildings

Roof Only BuildingsParametersEnclosed Metal Buildings
~ $5 per sq. ft.Cost$10 to $30 per sq. ft.
YesAll Sides OpenNo
YesFast AssemblyDepends on complexity
LessFoundation CostMore
YesTrusses FreeYes
YesClear SpanCost More
YesCertified SteelYes

Advantages of Choosing Steel Roof Only Buildings

1. These are durable structures and last long with little to no maintenance.2. You don’t need to worry about pest infestation or termite colonies building up on metal leg posts or on its roof.
3. Since these are the simplest structures, the installation takes minimal time, and you can start using the building as soon as it is ready.4. Corrugated vertical metal roof panels aid dirt and debris fall off quickly from the roof. During rain or snow, it will slide off water easily. The less water stays on the roof, the less chance of rusting.
5. You can get a certified roof that can withstand wind speeds of up to 170 miles per hour and snow loads of up to 40 pounds per sq. ft.6. These can be built up to 300 ft. wide without any need for internal support columns. You can opt for a roof only building of up to 40 ft. in height.
7. These are best for storing hay, feed, a loafing shed, a large patio space, and parking spaces for cars or other vehicles.8. You can access roof only metal buildings from any side you want.
9. You can clean it with water, a garden hose or a pressure washer (at low setting), cloth, and mild detergent.10. Steel is non-combustible and can last for up to 4 hours in case of a fire outbreak.

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