Water Resistant vs. Water-Shedding Metal Roofs - What You Should Know

Water Resistant vs. Water-Shedding Metal Roofs - What You Should Know

When you are investing a significant sum in a steel building, you always expect to get a fully secure and weatherproof metal building that can safeguard your essentials and protect them from hazardous weather, theft, and vandalism.

The biggest threat to any metal building is moisture and condensation. Both of them can cause significant damage to your building if left unattended. That's the reason you are always recommended to put keen attention on the roof and install a strong roof on your building. Right roof can help your building with water-resistant, waterproofing, or water-shedding traits.

With this comes three unique terminologies that every steel building buyer must know before putting their hard-earned money in a prefab steel building.

What is Waterproofing?

As the name suggests, with waterproofing, you are restricting water from entering your building. It seals the roof and restricts moisture from entering, and manages your structure. In other words, you can also say that you get a water-tight building.

What is Water Resistant (Hydrostatic)?

Water-resistant roofing usually has a low slope compared to other roofing options available for metal buildings. These roof styles encourage easy water and snow runoff, protecting your building from moisture and condensation issues. However, these roof options are not 100% protected from water entrances. As they don't have a protective membrane (sealant), there are chances that water can enter the building and cause problems to your structure.

In a water-resistant roof, slope plays a significant role in removing water from the roof area and keeping water from entering the building. However, the slope of this roof is less than the water-shedding roof.

What is Water-shedding (Hydrokinetic)

Water shedding is the fast price of removing water from the building. Under water-shedding, an additional membrane is added that restricts water entry inside the structure.

Water-resistant and water-shedding are similar terms to some extent. Still, they have some differences. The water-resistant spill of the water is similar to water shedding. However, in water shedding, the water spill process is faster than a water-resistant roof.

Rain, snow, or water runoff quickly from the surface in a water-shedding roof due to the higher slope. The spilled water then directly moves towards the guller and sprouts. The speed of water entirely depends upon the slope of your roof. Additional moisture barrier membranes are used in the roof to limit water entry and keep the structure moisture-proof.

Regardless of your residence area, you are always threatened by local weather conditions like heavy rainfall, snowfall, etc. Hence, you are always recommended to invest in waterproof roofing that provides you superman safety. Neglecting waterproofing can cause numerous issues to your building, and rusting is one of them. Waterproofing ensures not a single drop of water enters the building and harms your steel building.

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