Why Metal Carports are the More Affordable Choice Compared to Wood Carports

Why Metal Carports are the More Affordable Choice Compared to Wood Carports

People have used vehicles for over a century to make their commute easier and faster. With that comes the car storage that needs to be taken care of. Previously, people had an outbuilding which later got replaced by an attached garage in the 1920s.

Nowadays, people prefer detached garages and carports to store their vehicles when not in use. Metal garages are replacing traditional wooden carports and garages as they are more versatile, give more aesthetics, and are more durable than wooden ones.

Here are some of the benefits that you get when you install a steel carport.


  • Like all organic structures, wood is subjected to decay, rotting, mold, pests, fire, and mildew. So, regular repair and maintenance are needed to keep your carport’s structure top-notch. This is where a steel carport comes into play.
  • With a steel building installed on your property, no mildew or pest infestation problems exist.
  • Steel buildings, in general, are virtually maintenance-free. With high resistance and less upkeep, busy homeowners have perfect choices.
  • Steel holds paint and finishing well than that of wooden panel.


  • Steel is 100% recyclable, and they do not lose strength with time. Hence, at the end of their life, metal carports can be dismantled and sold to the nearest scrap yard.
  • It differs from wood as it requires deforestation, and wood cannot be reused once used. Once a wooden carport has served its purpose, it is generally thrown away.


  • Wood catches fire quickly, whereas steel can hold it longer due to its high melting point.
  • Any infestation of pests like termites can compromise the structural integrity of wooden structures. This is not the case with metal carports.
  • A steel building can tolerate any extreme climate condition better than wooden structures.

Customizable option

  • Steel carports can be customized according to your taste. You can choose between various color options and roofing styles.
  • You can choose whether you want a detached or an attached carport on your property. Further, it can be designed in such a way that it blends in and look discreet.  
  • Metal carports come in various sizes to fit your need. You can have a 1-car, 2-car, or more carport built per your requirement. 

Future Expansion

  • You do not have to take down the whole structure if you want to upgrade your metal carport to a garage.
  • Just some tweaks and installation of side panels with a door, and your carport becomes your new garage. 

Advantages of Metal Carport over Wooden Carport

Pricing & Insurance

  • Steel is generally cheaper than lumber. However, a few factors contribute to the pricing, such as the size of the building and the quality of the material used. Overall, a metal carport will save you a lot of bucks in the long run because of the benefits mentioned above.
  • You will pay once for the structure but annually for its maintenance. A wooden carport will cost high in terms of repair and replacement. 
  • Since steel carports are robust structures, you spend less on insurance fees. 
  • Steel structures are highly cost-effective in the long run and are worth every you have invested in.


  • Steel is denser than wood. It cannot be blown away easily.
  • It has abilities to withstand harsh conditions such as heavy snowfall and hurricanes.
  • To last long, wooden building requires higher upkeep which adds to the cost. But with steel, you can have a similar structure with little maintenance last long or even more.
  • Wood tends to lose its durability with time, whereas steel stands against the test of time.
  • Steel does not crack or is at risk due to insects, so you can rest assured your carport will last.
  • Some manufacturers offer up to 20 years of warranty against rusting for galvanized steel structures. 

Assembly Time

  • All the pieces of metal buildings are made in the factory. They only need to be assembled at the installation site. Hence, assembly time is faster and easier than in wooden structures.
  • Since all raw materials are already pre-cut and pre-drilled, labor coat at the installation site also reduces vastly. Less manpower is required for a metal carport than that of a wooden carport. So, labor cost is less.
  • There is less to no waste with prefab carports. Some metal pieces might be leftover, which you can sell to your nearest scrap yard. It will be recycled and used in a new building in the future. 

Resistance to Severe Weather Conditions

  • Metal carports made with galvanized steel can withstand wind and snow loads.
  • Wooden carports are likely to fall if subjected to structural stress.
  • Metal structures, with proper insulation, are also moisture resistant, which adds life to a building. You can insulate your metal carport’s roof with several options available.

Quick Comparison:

FeaturesSteel CarportWooden Carport
Initial CostHighLow
Overall CostLowHigh
Raw Material CostLowHigh
Assembly TimeLessMore
Manpower RequiredLessMore
Safety FeaturesMoreLess
Maintenance CostLowMore
Square FootageMoreLess
Environmental DamageMinimalYes

Wrap Up

When it boils down to offering practical features, steel carport shines. Steel is denser than the best timbers you can find. It is more resilient and provides more design options than a stick build building. You won’t regret buying a steel building ever from Carports Advisor. It is the best value-of-money option in the market.

Further, if you would like to upgrade your carport to a garage, it can also be done. Carports Advisor recommends buying your steel carport from an authorized metal building dealer. Ensure that your steel structure is certified before you purchase. Steel carport will give your vehicle the best protection no wooden frame can. We provide you with the best quality and sturdy carport with various design options. For any queries and questions, you can contact Carports Advisor. We will be happy to hear from you.

Call us now and let one of our metal building consultants help you to design the building of your dreams at an competitive price.

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