Why People Opt Steel For Animal Shelter & Kennel Buildings In Texas?

Why People Opt Steel For Animal Shelter & Kennel Buildings In Texas?

Texas has almost half a million animals entering shelters annually. The state also has one of the highest rates of animal shelter deaths. But why is this so? Most animal shelters in the United States are overcrowded, have staff shortages, and have high pet care costs.

Above all this, they also have to maintain the shelter itself, which adds to the agony. So, can animals be protected until they find a new home while keeping the cost low?

It is not possible to cut down on feeding costs. But if you are constructing shelters, you can reduce your expenses using affordable building materials. Yes, we are talking about animal metal shelters. Exactly why are these excellent choices when running an animal shelter? Keep reading to find out.

Low Wear & Tear

Since animals are going to live in metal kennel buildings, there will be constant drooling, water spills, and peeing all around. Sometimes, they even use urine to mark their territory. Metal panels do not absorb water from nearby surroundings. So it won’t rot or decay with time like wood.

Hence, metal structures will need less repair and replacements. With a little cleaning, your kennel metal shelters will be long-lasting and ready to house the next dog or cat after one has been adopted.


Animals attract pests like insects, small microorganisms, and rodents. This is mainly due to food dropping, feeds, and other organic compounds that animals secrete throughout the day. Metal structures do not allow pathogens to flourish and fungi to grow.

In fact, some metals like copper are even regarded as anti-bacterial. So they will provide a healthy environment for dogs, cats, and other species. Metal also does not emit any toxic VOCs with time. So animals will remain healthy.

Fleas and ticks can be a problem for furry animals. They get attached to animal skin and cause trouble and sickness. Ticks are less likely to survive on hard, non-porous surfaces such as steel.

Low After Care

Traditional building materials like wood need constant cleaning, repair, and replacement. You will need to call for termite and pest inspection and control, which will save a lot of money in the long run. Additionally, kennel metal shelters are fire retardant and mold resistant, thereby ensuring safety and a healthy environment for your beloved four-legged member species.

Easy Expansion

You may have started with a small animal metal shelter, but with time and people giving up on their pets, you may need a larger structure. Instead of building a new structure, you can expand the existing metal building. This will again save some bucks.

To get an expandable metal building for livestock or animal care shelter, you can talk to your metal dealer about removable end walls. When the time comes, you can remove the building, install more side walls, and then install it back. Voila! You get a larger metal building without much headache.

If you are planning an expansion in the future, ensure there is space to increase the length and lay the foundation. This will make the entire process effortless. If you are a vet, a steel building would be an excellent place to start a clinic and treat animals.

Low Energy Consumption

With proper insulation, you can easily regulate the indoor temperature. Adding vents lets fresh air circulate easily and brings in some natural light at the same time. It also helps the HAVC system run efficiently. This reduces pressure on the cooling and heating units, allowing them to work effectively and thereby reduce energy consumption.

If you are building a large animal rescue center, metal structures can hold solar panels as they are sturdy and bear more load than traditional materials.

Fire Resistant

You can build a metal animal shelter with fire-resistant coating over metal to delay the effects of fire caused by accident or wildfire. A fireproof metal structure can withstand fire for up to four hours. On top of it, insulation slows down the spread of fire. So, fire in one section won’t easily break into another. This will give you enough time to vacate the building.

Highly Versatile Building

Different animals have different shelter needs. You can’t use a shelter designed for chickens to keep horses or cattle. Here’s where metal buildings come in handy. You can build various types of animal shelters, such as livestock shelters, chicken coops, and shelters for dogs, cats, and birds.

You can design metal structures up to 40 feet tall. This allows them to easily accommodate large animals like cows or horses and birds like parakeets, who need ample space to hang around freely. By creating sections, the metal kennel building can also accommodate dogs and even cats.

Apart from that, you can even add an office, a vet visiting area, and a place to keep animal feeds. All this under one roof. Isn’t this handy for you and both the animals? You can create partitions within metal animal shelters for the following:

  • Clinical room
  • Boarding pens
  • Open play areas
  • Office
  • Waiting room
  • Grooming stations

Affordable Structure

Steel structures may have a high initial cost, but if you consider all the maintenance, care, and repairs, the overall cost drastically reduces. Steel is also better for the environment, as it is 100% recyclable. The durability remains intact throughout its lifespan, with little upkeep, like cleaning and removing stains.

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