Prefab Metal Carports With Storage Buildings

Steel Carports are versatile metal structures that combine the benefits of a shed and a storage unit. They offer a unique fusion of a metal storage building and a carport, serving as a reliable safeguard for your valuables. Most storage carports are built so that the carport is at the front of the structure and the attached portion is at the rear of the structure. This dual-purpose structure, which includes steel storage buildings and carports, represents the ideal solution for meeting your parking and housing your valuable belongings. The versatility of metal storage buildings with carports allows you to utilize them for a wide range of purposes.

Steel Carports With Storage For Sale

Shop from our huge collection of carports with storage. If you're in search of a trustworthy name for purchasing a carport that offers extra storage, your quest ends here at Carports Advisor. We offer top-notch structures that guarantee the safety of your belongings against various weather conditions. Discover your ideal carport with storage by perusing our diverse selection, or get creative and design your custom solution using our user-friendly 3D Builder tool.

Applications Of Combo Carports

A metal carport with storage building is a combo, so the use of both buildings also becomes combined. Metal combo carport not only offers convenient parking and storage solutions but also opens up a world of possibilities for other uses. Let's explore its potential.

  • Vehicle Storage
  • Outdoor events
  • Workspace
  • RV storage
  • Boat shelter
  • Farm equipment storage
  • Garden shelter
  • Workshop space
  • Sports equipment storage
  • Motorcycle Shelter
  • Guest entertainment area
  • Equipment maintenance area
  • Poolside shade
  • Greenhouse support
  • BBQ shelter
  • Outdoor dining area
  • Camping shelter
  • Wood storage
  • Sports court cover
  • Equestrian shelter
  • Outdoor gym
  • Play area shade
  • Car wash station
  • Agricultural storage
  • Loading-bay cover
  • Drive-through canopy
  • Bike storage
  • Animal Shelter
  • Metal Storage Building

Prefabricated Metal Carport With Storage Roof Types

Carports with storage combo units are not much different from traditional carports. The main difference is that the rear section of the carport features metal panel siding, creating an additional storage area. In other words, the ability to enclose that portion of a structure does not affect the type of roof you decide to go with. We provide the following roof options:

Boxed Eave - Boxed roof with horizontal panels

Regular Roof - Rounded roof with horizontal panels.

Vertical Roof - Vertical panels with additional hat channels

Each roof style type comes with its unique appearance and level of durability. Regular roofs offer basic strength, while vertical roofs enhance this strength by incorporating additional materials through hat channels on the underside of the roof.

Pre-engineered Metal Carports With Storage Shed Customization Features

Metal buildings offer countless customization options tailored to your specific needs. There are several transformation features you can choose from.

  • 6′ to 16′ height options
  • Garage Doors (6×6 to 16×16) for certified buildings
  • Garage doors (6×6 to 14×14) for uncertified buildings
  • Up to 15 color options
  • 12 gauge and 14 gauge panel options
  • Two insulation options (Double bubble and Woven R-17)
  • Two windows options (30″ x36″ and 30″ x30″)
  • Side openings without garage door
  • Side openings with garage door
  • End openings without garage door
  • Three Roof Styles

Advantages Of Metal Combo Carports

Your prefab carport with storage shed is not only multifunctional, but it also has many advantages and features, and you should buy the metal carport. Let us know about the features and beneficial properties of steel utility carport.

Dual Functionality: A carport with storage combo units provides vehicle protection and additional storage or workspaces. They typically consist of a covered parking area and an enclosed storage section, allowing you to keep your vehicles safe from the elements while also having a secure storage space for tools, equipment, or recreational gear.

Cost-Effective: Choosing a carport with additional storage space is often more cost-effective than constructing separate carports and storage sheds. It saves on construction costs and offers a single solution for two distinct needs.

Space Optimization: These carports are space-efficient, making the most of your property's available area. They're especially beneficial for smaller lots or when you want to maximize the use of your outdoor space without extensive construction.

Protection: Your vehicles are shielded from harsh weather elements such as rain, snow, hail, and damaging UV rays, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. The enclosed storage section adds an extra layer of security for valuable items.

Customization: Metal combo carports come in various sizes, styles, and configurations to suit your specific requirements. You can personalize the design, add doors and windows, and choose from different roofing options, ensuring it complements your property's aesthetics.

Quick Installation: A metal storage building with carport is relatively quicker to install than traditional construction methods. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a covered parking area and storage space without enduring lengthy construction timelines.

These are just a few of the many benefits of steel structures. So, don't think anymore and order your prefab metal carport with storage building.

Why Buy Metal Carports With Storage From Carports Advisor

Carports Advisor is one of America's legitimate and trusted metal building dealers. We have a huge range of metal carports and storage sheds at impressive prices. If you order from us, you will get 20 20-year rust-through warranty, a 10-year panel warranty, and a 1-year workmanship warranty. We also take care of your financial health and give you the freedom to pay through our rent-to-own and financing payment options.

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Carports With Storage Delivery Time & Estimates

Based on our working experiences and the projects we have completed all around the USA, here are some estimated data about order delivery in the specified time range.

  • 50% Orders (10-60 Days)
  • 30% Orders (61-80 Days)
  • 19% Orders (81-100 Days)
  • 01% Orders (101 or More)

As you can see, half of our orders gets delivered in 10-60 days. So, if you buy from us, there is a 50% probability that you get your Carports With Storage within 2 months. Furthermore, 30% of orders take 20 more days to reach their destination, and 19% consume 81-100 days. Only 1% of orders take more than 100 days to reach consumers.

It rarely happens! But, customers must know that estimated delivery time frames are not guaranteed. Many factors like that affect the delivery time, including demand, supply, design aspects, material availability, customizations, transportation, and others.

Our metal building executives work closely with each customer to communicate which stage of the construction process we're in and when they can expect their metal building delivery.

Call us now and let one of our metal building consultants help you to design the building of your dreams at an competitive price.

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