7 Uses Of Metal Barn That Will Amaze You

7 Uses Of Metal Barn That Will Amaze You

Do you own a farm or a large plot for agriculture, or are you a business looking for a new building? Traditionally, landowners use materials like wood and other conventional building materials for agricultural or commercial purposes. The problem is that most of these materials are neither durable nor retain their structural integrity with time.

To overcome these problems, opting for a metal barn is a better solution. Now, you must be imagining some dull-looking, grey, old industrial building. But that's a thing of the past. Now, we have steel structures that can compete with any other raw material in terms of looks or aesthetics while providing you with better value for money.

Here Are 7 Uses Of Metal Barns. Let's Kickstart The List.

From Agricultural Perspective

Relying on traditional methods and techniques may seem emotionally justifiable; however, they are not practically feasible now. You need advanced agricultural tools and structures that pay off in the long run. Here are some.

1. Animal Shelter

We have all seen traditional red wooden barns, especially in rural America. Barns are large structures that shelter livestock for generating dairy or keeping horses. However, with wood, our farmers & ranchers end up spending a lot of money and time on upkeep, repair, and timely replacements.

Enters steel barns. Now, as a farm owner, you don't need to call a pest inspection and control team, as steel does not attract rodents. Metal posts, panels, and columns won't give you worries about termite colonies living in your barn without paying rent.

Nothing can beat the strength and durability of metal. Not just that, a steel barn is also healthy for you & animals. Neither unwanted pest would be infecting their food or water, nor would there be toxic organic volatile compounds (VOCs) emitted from steel. Steel barn will take care of your animals and your pocket's health.

2. Agricultural Storage

Farm animals aren't the only thing that a farmer possesses. There are also tons of storage needs. Some of them are:

  • Storing hay and feed
  • Storing harvest (crops & grains)
  • Riding arenas
  • Sheltering farm tools- husks, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, machetes, etc.
  • Sheltering farm vehicles - tractors, UTVs, loaders, farm trucks, backhoes, and even crop dusters.

All of these need a sturdy structure that costs less maintenance for a farmer. Metal barn is the best bet here. With Carports Advisor, you can get custom-made steel barns up to 40 ft. high that can be used to store your farm equipment and create a hayloft for extra storage.

3. Greenhouse

Growing and selling plants is not less than farming. A metal barn best serves a greenhouse, nursery, or garden center. Steel has higher load-bearing abilities than stick-built structures. Hence, you can install multiple shelves, glass panels, and lighting units in its interior. You can insulate metal barns with affordable options like fiberglass or closed-cell spray foam.

Steel is resistant to pests, mold, mildew, and fire, which makes plants & budding easy to grow and nurture. Some plants and trees tend to live longer, so a metal barn compliments them as they are designed to last.

From Business Perspective

4. Business Storefront

The top priority of businesses is to reduce their monthly operational cost to maximize profit. You can design a metal barn as a retail shop, a factory outlet, or a local hardware store. Additionally, the larger steel building can be made with a column-free interior. This gives you the maximum carpet area that you can use to design your store's floor plan for maximum efficiency, customer convenience, and profit.

Not just big ones but small businesses, too, need cost-cutting to generate profit during their initial phase. A steel building here can be helpful as monthly upkeep costs will be far less than others. Not to mention, it is fast and easy to assemble. Hence, you can start generating income early.

5. Commercial Storage / Cold Storage

With the rise of e-commerce, a need for storage to keep inventory and logistics has become challenging. Wooden buildings have a higher aftercare, and concrete buildings can take months to build. In this case, steel building comes in handy.

Not just the exterior but the interior can also be customized as per the company's needs. For example, if you need an open floor plan, you can go with a clear-span structure. For more storage needs in limited space, you can install a mezzanine floor to create extra space for an office or to keep goods.

Some storage items, such as medicine or packaged foods, need to be kept under specific temperatures, or else they may go rancid. It is relatively easy to the regular temperature inside a well-insulated steel barn. You don't have to worry about rotting or decaying panels' replacement. In addition, you can also install skylights, vents, and dehumidifiers to control temperature. This will make up a perfect cold storage.

6. Workshop

Many automobile companies need large workshops for display and service centers of their vehicles. Metal barns with large open spaces will work best for setting up factory and manufacturing units. Not to mention, it takes less time to assemble a metal structure than buildings made with other materials.

From Residential Perspective

Yes, you can use metal barns as a living quarter, too. You can make it your primary home, farmhouse, or guest house.

7. Living Quarter

The need for affordable housing has led to metal Barndominiums. It is cost-effective and promotes sustainable living that leaves less carbon footprint. Not only that, metal structures, being robust, can bear a load of solar panels on your roof. It will further dip your energy bill. Isn’t that nice?

You can also install a metal carport, steel garage, or shed on your property. A metal building can be designed for any use you want. For more details, contact Carports Advisor today.

Endless Possibilities:

But wait - there's more. There are numerous possibilities when it comes to designing a metal barn. Let's see some more areas where metal barns can be a perfect fit - riding arenas, dairy farms, horse barns, airplane hangars, manufacturing facilities, commercial offices, commercial garages, retail stores, factory outlets, etc.

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