Prefab Metal Barns - Save the Environment with Green Homes

Prefab Metal Barns - Save the Environment with Green Homes

Your living space is a reflection of your life choices and personal taste, which can greatly affect your overall well-being. Therefore, it's essential not to compromise on quality or convenience. Choosing a prefab metal barn is one of the best investments you can make, as it can serve multiple purposes, such as living space, shelter for livestock, or storage for farm machinery. With a single barn, you can fulfill numerous needs. But exactly how are these steel barns green homes? That's what we will discuss here.

What Are Green Buildings?

Simply put, a structure that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout its life cycle. They are known to lessen the negative impact on the environment by promoting efficiency. Some of the features of green metal barns are:

  • Better acoustic
  • Zero emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Eco-friendly raw material
  • Compatible with renewable resources such as solar
  • Reduce energy by introducing natural daylight, vents, and insulation 

Not just that, they also increase the overall air quality and reduce carbon footprint. How? Let's see…

How Does Metal Barns Lower Carbon Footprint?

In the case of a metal building, the carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gases that are produced throughout the lifecycle of that building. It includes the emissions during the production, construction, and usage of steel. Let's see how prefab barns lowers carbon emissions:

  • Prefab are cut, drilled, and designed in the factory. Hence, it reduces construction time at the site. Less time means less energy consumption and less manpower needed. It also reduces the labor cost by up to 50%.
  • Since steel can bear a lot of load and yet be lightweight, it does not require intensive prep for foundation. This further reduces the energy consumption during the construction process.
  • You can paint roofs with reflective paints that are available in the market. It will reflect most of the sunlight and help keep the prefab metal barn cool inside. Hence, less energy is consumed to regulate indoor temperature.
  • Certified steel barns can easily meet all LEED standards to be classified as a green building. It will further help you get benefits like tax credits from the US government.
  • And finally, steel buildings are long-lasting. The longer your metal barn lasts, the more sustainable it will be.

They Are Recyclable

Steel is 100% recyclable. That means it can be collected and sent into the furnace for melting by the end of its life. And you get back brand new steel with the same strength and durability. Further, recycling steel eliminates the process of mining and needs less refining. Recycling one ton of steel can save up to 2 tons of carbon emission.

Other popular options, such as wood, also come in prefab. However, there is a limit to how much wood you can recycle. At the end of its life, it will end up in the landfill, polluting soil. But that's not the case with steel. You can recycle it as many times as you want without any compromise on the material’s quality.

They Are Durable

Steel does not get affected by seasonal changes or with time. The regular wear and tear effect is lesser than any other raw material. For example, a wooden panel will eventually rot & decay with time, but not steel. This makes steel suitable for barns as it has a long service life.

Certified high-quality steel frames can last you for life. This will further reduce carbon emissions as replacements are rare.

They Are Healthy

Steel buildings do not emit any toxic fumes, nor is there unnecessary micro dust, as in the case of wood dust. Hence, human occupants & people around are safe and healthy. Green buildings positively impact the health and productivity of the employees as well.

Steel and solar Panels Complement Each Other

Whether you want to install solar shingles or panels, a steel barn offers an ideal roof and structural strength. Steel can bear more load per sq. ft. than any other material. That's why you will find the use of steel in almost all tall buildings.

Both steel and solar come with an initial price but are long-lasting and in harmony with each other. In case you are wondering about rusting, you must know that steel can be made rust-resistant by coating it with zinc. Additionally, you can use weathering steel that develops rust-like a patina, which self-heals rusting, eliminating the need to paint.

They Are Energy Saving

You can install a certified metal barn with a high-performing insulator. This step will reduce the heat transfer from walls and roof panels. That will reduce the burden on the HVAC system to cool or warm the interior space. When your HAVC system has to make less effort to regulate the temperature of your building, it consumes less electricity.

Further weatherproofing and ventilating your prefab metal barn will also help increase the efficiency of the building.

Perks Of Investing In Prefab Metal Barns

  • They can be assembled quickly.
  • They are long-lasting as they are least affected by pests, mold, termites, and mildew.
  • They can be customized the way you want & need less upkeep.
  • They are easy to expand. So, you don't need intensive labor and materials for upgrading.
  • They serve multi-purpose. You can use it as a livestock shelter, a living quarter, a horse barn, feed and hay storage, or for commercial purposes such as a storage unit, cold storage, or retail store.
  • There is no need for chemical treatment every year to control termites. These chemicals are harmful to people, plants, and animals if inhaled or come in contact with them.
  • Green buildings reduce the urban heat island (UHI) effect.

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Have you decided to embrace sustainable living? An eco-friendly home may be the best place to start. We sell buildings made of steel and are 100% recyclable. Additionally, steel retains its structural integrity with time.

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