Certified Steel Barns - The Irreplaceable Need for Farmers in Florida

Certified Steel Barns - The Irreplaceable Need for Farmers in Florida

Sandy beaches, blue ocean, and a warm day - Yes, we are talking about the sunshine state, where you get to enjoy a warm climate throughout the year. Florida is a popular vacation destination for many Americans and boasts one of the most diverse economies in the United States. This diversity has led to a thriving local construction market. But wait, Florida also happens to be the home of some of the most violent weather events. Hence, a need for durable construction becomes a necessity.

One of the most cost-effective and durable structures is that of steel. So, let's see how our certified steel barns can help the farmers of Florida beat the heat and other catastrophic events.

Steel Barns Being Long-Lasting

A certified steel barn typically comes with a 14-gauge frame thickness, which is the industry standard. It can be certified to meet most local wind and snow loads and includes additional anchors and braces. It is one of the most popular and economical options.

Another option is 12-gauge steel, which is mostly used in clear-span buildings. It is the most expensive but durable and weather-resistant. If you live in a city or county with a high frequency of tornadoes and hurricanes, your local authority may ask you to use one.

In addition, steel posts and frames do not rot or decay with time. They are unaffected by seasonal change, too. Investing in a certified steel barn gives you a long-lasting structure you can rely on for parking your farm vehicles and using it as storage or livestock shelter.


Cost per Sq. Ft. Compared To Wood:

A new steel building can cost you anywhere around $16 to $20 per sq. ft., whereas customizing it can cost you up to $40 per sq. ft. Compared to steel, a wood barn will cost you between $20 to $100 per sq. ft. so; clearly, steel is the winner here.

Even with full customization, you pay less for steel than wood. That's because when you buy steel barn, you buy weight. And steel, being lightweight, can bear more load.

Low Energy Bills: 

A question that pops up a lot is how you can make a metal barn energy efficient. It is not that hard.

  • You can install skylights in your barn, bringing natural daylight in.
  • Insulating metal structure helps heat transfer from inside to outside and vice-versa. This will retain indoor temperature for longer, making HAVC work effectively.
  • Ventilating your barn is an effective way to boost air circulation indoors. This will reduce humidity and moisture built-up, reducing the need to use mechanical devices.

All these cumulatively reduce your energy bills. A certified steel barn can quickly achieve LEED certification. That's because steel is inert, recyclable, and non-organic by nature, too. Having a certified energy-saving building makes you eligible for various tax credits.

Low Insurance Cost:

A certified steel barn guarantees the durability and structural strength of the building. This gives confidence to an insurance company that your building is less likely to get damaged due to adverse weather conditions and will retain strength with time. Hence, you may end up paying up to 30 to 40% less on insurance fees.

Low Labor Cost:

If you choose a prefab or standard size from the dealer, your steel barn will be delivered relatively quickly. They are also faster to assemble. It saves money, time, and labor costs.

Pest & Fire Protection

Pests such as termites, rodents, mold, mildew, or spiders can easily create their nest in wooden structures. After all, it is their natural home. Pests, however, are not attracted to steel. Steel panels are thick enough to prevent mice from entering grain storage barns. Insulated steel barn reduces the chance of condensation, which further prevents infestation of mold & mildew.

Severe drought and wildfires are also quite common in Florida. Fire is a big issue for farmers and ranchers as wildfire can quickly spread into thousands of acres of land, destroying farmers' and farmers' valuable assets. Certified steel with an insulator helps slow down the spread of fire, giving you time to extinguish it.

Type Of Barn That Suits Famers Of Florida

Clear Span:

A steel structure with no internal support column best suits a custom-designed interior. For farmers, storage and sizes of farm vehicles are variable. Farming needs a different tool for crop sowing and a different vehicle for harvest season. A column-free interior is the best option for storing any size of farm machinery.


Agribusiness needs a lot of storage. Florida has a high yield of oranges, tomatoes, watermelon, sweet corn, and cabbage; all these need storage places.

Resistance To Climate Disaster

Steel buildings can be certified to withstand up to 170 mph or a snow load of 20 pounds per sq. ft. This is enough to resist most of the natural calamities. In addition, steel has high tensile strength, so your barn is safe from flying debris outside.

Most Popular Steel Barns

Carolina barn54 x 60 x 16
Carolina barn44 x 30 x 12
Center raised barn48 x 30 x 12
Commercial building50 x 48 x 14
Clear span workshop50 x 100 x 12

Customizable Features

You can now use our 3D estimator tool to draw your own steel building with the width, length, and height you choose. You can add extra features such as doors, windows, color, lean-tos, and more. And as if that was not enough, you can visualize it on your farm by clicking ''View In Your Space'' in the top left corner. So, do check it out.

Multi-Purpose Use Of Steel Barns For Farmers In Florida

  • Animal shelters to keep animals like horses, cattle, chickens, etc.
  • Agricultural garage to store tractors, harvesters, and even crop dusters.
  • Storage unit for on-farm grain storage, cold storage, and hay & feed storage.

Tips For Increasing The Life Of Your Metal Barns

  • Get It Insulated (closed cell spray foam and fiberglass are affordable options)
  • Install Ventilation (passive vents such as gravity vents and windows don't need electricity to function)
  • Weatherproof The Structure (you can use silicone, rubber sealant, or caulk to seal holes, gaps or corners)
  • Have a Gutter and downspout (it will redirect all water from the roof to a specific container)
  • Keep It Clean (dirt and debris-free structure is less likely to develop rust)

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