Choose Rent-To-Own: A Hassle-Free Payment Mode of Buying Your Dream Metal Building

Choose Rent-To-Own: A Hassle-Free Payment Mode of Buying Your Dream Metal Building

Metal buildings have become a new normal, and everyone considers it a significant investment in their lives. From standard metal carports to clear span metal buildings, they can give you everything, with endless customization options and 100% usable space.

Even though steel buildings are budget-friendly, not everyone is capable of paying full upfront. This limits many buyers to own their dream metal building and fulfill their purpose.

What if you get one such fantastic option? Well, there isn't one; instead, there are two convenient options that you can opt for i.e. Rent-To-Own and metal building financing.

Metal building financing is a great option that allows you to get your structure financed. You can get metal building financing up to $50,000. However, there is a limitation in financing options.

You must have a quality credit score to apply for metal building financing. Unfortunately, not everyone can maintain the quality score and hence ends up skipping buying decisions.

For all such buyers, Rent-To-Own is the ideal option that has multiple attributes. With RTO option, you no longer have to be concerned about whether or not you have the cash to acquire a metal building that you may require quickly. Below are the advantages of considering the RTO Program by Carports Advisor.

Lock-in Booking Price: The price of every commodity changes with time. More often, the price increases with the increase in inflation. Hence, buying today is a more fruitful deal than waiting for full upfront and buying in the near future.

With RTO, you can book your metal building at current market price and hence lock in its price. This way, you can save big before price hikes in the near future.

E.g., every year, the metal building price increases with the steel price hike. So, you can save money with RTO and book a structure at the current price.

Same Day Approval: Normally, it takes a week or two for financing approval. Hence, you have to wait for financing approval and then wait for metal building delivery. But, it not happens with RTO! With RTO, you get your sum request approved on the same day, saving your time.

RTO comes with an instant approval process that rarely takes more than 24 hours to credit in your wallet.

100% Transparency: What amount you applied for and how much approved, you get all the information in real-time. So, you don't need to wait for weeks to acknowledge their decision and find a second option. In most cases, buyers get their amount without cancellation.

You can get status within 24 hours, which is a great way to come one step closer to your dream metal building.

Further, no hidden charges are added to the final building price. From top to toe, everything is transparent that helps you in making the right decision.

Note: Carports Advisor provides you RTO for metal building up to $15,000.

NO Credit Checks: As mentioned initially, you can qualify for financing only if you have a good quality score. In case of a bad credit score, your application will get rejected. In short, you have to find other alternatives.

Interestingly, RTO is the perfect alternative to such hurdles. You don't need to worry about a bad credit score. For RTO, your credit score check is skipped.

NO Full Payment Required: This is the most interesting point of all. You don't need to pay full upfront for a metal structure. Instead, you have to pay a small upfront (15%-20%) as a deposit and book your building. Gone are the days when you could only place an order with full upfront. Today, RTO has made it possible to pay a small deposit and pay the rest via monthly installments.

Ownership in 36 Months or Less: Under the RTO Program, you don't get the ownership of a structure until the total upfront is paid. However, once you are mentally prepared to gain complete ownership, you can pay the rest and clear the dues.

You can pay the pending sum anywhere within 36 months and get ownership of your dream structure. In short, you can pay off anytime you want, without any penalty.

These are a few yet considerable traits of Rent-To-Own program. Carports Advisor gives you financing and RTO option, which you can choose accordingly. With RTO, no barrier can restrict you from buying a perfect steel structure and fulfilling your dream. Carports Advisor gives you a helping hand with our RTO Program.

With our RTO program, we provide some fantastic metal structures. This program is ideal for consumers who suffer financial difficulties and wants a financing option for their metal building purchases. So, don't wait anymore. Surf our broad building designs and make an order right away. You can even customize them to meet your custom needs.

Call us now and let one of our metal building consultants help you to design the building of your dreams at an competitive price.

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