How to Customize Your Metal Building?

How to Customize Your Metal Building?

A metal building is the durable, affordable, and the smartest way to protect your valuables from unwanted weather conditions and even increase the value of your property. Whether you are a start-up owner, looking for some additional space or you want to build your dream workshop/office; a metal building can fulfill all your requirements. It will accommodate anything like a warehouse or garage and store the essential things that you want to safeguard.

Here are some metal building options you can use to create the perfect look for your next metal building project.

Walls & Roof Panels - The metal building has different roof styles in which you can select different colors and textures. Even you can alter the roofline and side profile.

  • You can select the low pitched roof that presents a flat appearance from the ground, which allows water to drain easily.
  • Choose the high pitched roof which can easily shed snow and ice, and it can be a great architectural feature with a painted finish.
  • Transform or modify the frame structure that gives your building an exclusive look.
  • Add other architectural exterior finishes and coverings, with a traditional shingle roof, all made of steel and other metals.

At Carports Advisor, we provide the fully-enclosed vertical building and closed buildings that have different customization options.

  • Back end - open, gable, extended gable, closed
  • Front end - open, gable, extended gable, closed
  • Left Side – open, 1 panel (3’), 2 panels (6’), closed
  • Right side - open, 1 panel (3’), 2 panels (6’), closed

Trim – Cover trims are another important part that gives your metal building a finished look. It includes transitions at joints and corners. There are different types of trims available for your building that includes Boxed Eave Trim, Corner Brace, Corner Trim, J-Trim, L-Trim, and a few more. You can also enhance the design of your metal building by matching the color of the walls or roof. At Carports Advisor, we offer 15+ color options for the trim.   

Insulation – Insulation is another important part of a metal building that can be installed between beams and in the rafters, which insulates the entire building and keep the inner temperature regulated. At Carports Advisor, we offer four types of insulation i.e., single bubble, double bubble, fiberglass, bubble type. All of them have different features and benefits, so you should select the one according to the weather conditions in your area.

Windows & Doors – You can design your metal building by adding several doors and windows which allow natural light to enter the metal structure and reduce the electricity need. Carports Advisor offers garage door, main door, and windows in which you can select the size (12’-24’, 26’-30’, 12’22’) and quantity as per your requirements.

Add-ons & Colors - You can add extra anchors and trims to enhance the strength of your metal building and can withstand the extreme weather conditions. You can select the one which upgrades the beauty of your metal building. 

Carports Advisor offers a wide range of customization options, which includes a comparison of the manufacturers, prices, and lead time. Also, before placing an order, you will get a summary of the order, including your building size, roof, certification, walls, insulation, etc. along with their prices. So, if you feel the final price does not meet your budget, you can make changes accordingly, and complete the order process.

For any other information, you can talk to our metal building advisor at 336-914-1654. We pride ourselves on offering quality products at the lowest prices, along with our excellent customer service. Our skilled, professional staff will ensure your product is of the highest standards.

Carports Advisor is not just another Carport Dealer who hides the manufacturer’s information with you. Instead, we believe in complete transparency and guarantee our customer satisfaction.

Call us now and let one of our metal building consultants help you to design the building of your dreams at an competitive price.

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