Different Types of Structural Loads in Buildings

January 18, 2022

Every metal building has several loads that are directly or indirectly applied to its foundation. Structural load plays a significant role in determining the strength of your steel building.

Structural loads are the forces that are applied to your structure or its components. Excess structural load results in building damages. Estimating various loads is a must when ordering a fully customized steel building. Types of loads acting on a structure are:

  • Dead loads
  • Imposed loads
  • Wind loads
  • Snow loads
  • Earthquake loads
  • Special loads

 These are the primary loads that are applied to your structure. However, other loads (forces) also act on your structure. These forces include:

  • Foundation movement
  • Elastic axial shortening
  • Soil and fluid pressure
  • Vibration
  • Flood load
  • Fatigue
  • Impact
  • Erection loads
  • Stress concentration effect due to point load

Whether buying a custom steel building or an existing owner, you should check this infographic sharing detailed knowledge about different structural loads and how they impact your structure.

Different Types of Structural Loads in Buildings

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