The Evolution of Metal Buildings

May 19, 2021

The steel we use for diverse purposes made its entry in human civilization back in 1793. With steel, the evolution of metal buildings came into existence, and today, you can find numerous steel buildings made to serve versatile purposes.

Steel has numerous attributes like time-efficient, fire-resistant, longevity, cost-saving, durability, and many more. Moreover, steel has today made its usage constructing big buildings that can be used for storage, vehicle parking, storage space, workspaces, living accommodation, commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural, and many more purposes.

So, here is a detailed infographic that depicts the evolution of Metal Buildings starting from the discovery of steel. 

The entire infographic is segregated into multiple sections:

  • What’s a Steel Building?
  • Prominent Uses of Metal Building
  • Benefits of Steel Buildings
  • Who invented steel?
  • Steel Construction Timeline
  • How is Steel Manufactured?
  • What’s the LEED Certification?

The Evolution of Metal Buildings

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