World's 9 Most Beautiful Subway and Metro Stations

April 11, 2022

Subway is a modern way of public transport. In different parts of the world, subway stations are known as metro stations and undergrounds. London underground was the first railway network opened in the year 1863. With 472 stations, New York has the most extensive subway network in the world.

In massive cities like New York, the subway is the fastest mode of public transport. The benefits of the subway network can be categorized into cost, convenience, safety, and eco-friendly.

Subway is the cheapest way of public transportation in metro cities. Compared to other modes of transport, you can be cost-effective with the metro. Electrified subways are also cost-effective in operations. Maintenance and repair cost is also meager in operations.

Subways are also effective in terms of convenience. Traffic is a significant issue in highly populated cities. You can avoid busy roads to save time and money. Subways have a complete edge over transport through buses and taxis.

From a safety perspective, metro transportation is much more effective. Accidents are also rare in subway networks. The safety precautions used at substations are capable enough to protect the subway network against the threat of terror attacks.

Subways are considered a green mode of public transport. There is nothing such as air pollution or noise pollution associated with subways. People can access subway stations strategically planned across the city.

Some subway stations across the globe are known for architectural and sculpture beauty. Alisher Navoiy Station-Tashkent, Foggy Bottom-GWU station-Washington DC, and Stadion, Stockholm Metro Station-Sweden are best among the top subway stations in the world. You can visit the infographic below to check out some other subway stations.

World's 9 Most Beautiful Subway and Metro Stations

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